Baby Development Classes

We are excited to have Susan, an infant and toddler specialist with 37 years experience, as she leads classes where you will learn about developmental milestones, daily tips and tricks that can help your baby develop the skills they need and all while doing age-appropriate ways to play!


This hands-on class can be attended as a three-part series - following baby as he or she develops or as an individual class to meet baby where he or she is now. Parents, Caregivers, Grandparents, etc welcome! 

0-3 Months

That 0-3 month old age is hard. You’re meeting their physical needs- eat, sleep, change repeat! But what else can you be doing to help baby developmentally? How can you “play” with them when they are so little? What milestones should they be meeting during this time?

4-7 Months

Now that your baby is gaining control over her body, you will see that he/she is beginning to interact with his/her world.  Your baby’s memory and attention span is increasing, you’ll start to see evidence that he/she is not only absorbing information but also applying it to her day-to-day activities. These are some important months for cognitive and emotional growth. Learn ways to help baby process, engage/play and express him/herself

8-12 Months

There is so much physical and communication growth taking place in these months! They have learned to sit up, roll over, crawl, pull themselves up in standing position and maybe even walk. These new skills have boosted their confidence, they are ready to learn and be on the move! Learn about developmental toys appropriate for this age, body positioning to encourage transitions, and activities that challenge their thinking skills and more to help baby. While we are still watching for cues from your baby to meet his/her needs, your baby’s is also beginning to use words to communicate with you.  Learn how to help your baby with sounds, signs and what you can be doing to encourage them to copy and repeat. 

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