Did you know?

10% of women return to work within 10 days of delivery

24% return 20-49 days

32% of women in the United States have a cesarean

40% of women miss their postpartum appointment


Ten to 20 percent of the approximately 4 million women who give birth each year in the U.S. experience postpartum depression that can interfere with early parenting, according to the International Journal of Mental Health Promotion. Yet research shows that fewer than half of all affected mothers receive a mental health diagnosis, and only 15 percent of those who do receive a diagnosis seek mental health services.

We created the Stronger Motherhood Community and unique program to meet families where they already are and to fill the gap between providers and home during the first year. 

Programs Available for the OB and Pediatric Setting

Fourth Trimester
0-1 Year

Building you for motherhood from pregnancy through delivery. Prepare for your postpartum and know everything that moms often complain nobody told them about.

When baby get's checked, so should you.

Navigate the changes, stresses and joys of those first months with confidence with in-person support and guidance.

A modern approach to understanding and thriving in your first year.  

We celebrate babies milestones, while also celebrating moms.

Current Partners

Do you have an OB office or pediatric office you think would be interested in supporting families better, send us a message and we will reach out!

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